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This makes so much sense, Jamie...my husband and I were talking about the fact that we want ALL of our kids (his 3, my 1) to be thoughtful and intentional about becoming parents and to NOT feel societal pressure at all when making such a big decision. We were coming more from the viewpoint of 'parenting is a HUGE sacrifice and life changer and isn't for everyone', but what you share re: it being a responsible, good Earth citizen decision just amplifies our feelings. Thanks for sharing...looking for more info from you on this.

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Thank you for the kind words and yes I’m pleased (and not surprised) that you are already conscious about this this, although from the more personal side of things. The global perspective and the personal perspective are BOTH things I’d really wish people would consider. Even if technological and societal miracles fixed our sustainability problem, the fact would still remain-as you nicely put it- ‘parenting isn’t for everyone’. (I like this take, because it is understanding of people deciding for or against it). Earth Overshoot Day made this post more global oriented, but at a later time I would enjoy covering this topic from the individual, VS earth citizen, perspective.

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